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So, you find gluten-free food boring & bland right? What if I could change your thinking and get your taste buds singing for more? 

Grab this FREE recipe guide and enjoy 5 quick and easy nutritious gluten-free recipes, including a breakfast, lunch, dinner, baking and delicious dessert recipe! Also includes a baking mix recipe & dairy free alternatives!

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Recipes Included:

🍚 Homemade Gluten-Free Toasted Muesli
🍕 Self Crusting Quiche

🐓 Thai Poached Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Salad
🍪 Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Biscuits (not featured in photos)
🍇 Plum Frangipane Tart


Think of this as a planned adventure for your taste buds – nutritious, easy, quick & full of flavour, what more could you ask for? Are you up for it? 

Just in case you don't know me...

My name is Wick Nixon from Wicked Wellbeing and I'm all about healthy gluten-free eating made easy for busy mums.

I'm a mother of three, a super passionate foodie, a double award winning author of two healthy kids lunchbox cookbooks and an online course creator. 

I'd love for you to realise how tasty gluten-free cooking is, and it's not complicated or time consuming, are you open to giving it a go?


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