Gluten-Free CAN Be Easier
& More Affordable
Than You Think

3 Ways Busy Mums Can Nail It!


Choose the date that works best for you, either the 22nd or 23rd March, 8pm,
& even turn up in your pj's!
If you can't join live, register anyway & catch the replay.

The training will go for approximately 45 minutes.

This Live Training is a Must Attend if...

You're brand new to being gluten-free or have been diagnosed with Coeliac disease and you have no idea where to start

You've been at it for a while but you're still confused and overwhelmed at the enormity of it all

You want to learn how to make it easier and more affordable for your family



Where to FOCUS to Make It Feel Achievable

and how this simple concept will be a huge sense of relief to making your journey easier


Three of the MOST Effective Ways to make Gluten-Free More Affordable

and why, if you implement these it could be an absolute game changer to your budget


Simple & Effective Consistency Strategies 

to embrace, so you don't keep dipping in and out

"It has honestly been a game changer. I was unhealthy, puffy, sore, tired and couldn't seem to hold a thought. Now I am HAPPY and I found it really easy!"


Your life is about to change in a BIG Way! 


Think of where you're at right now - possibly bloated, tired, windy and no energy to cook gluten-free meals when you're already cooking for the family. 

You're feeling frustrated, scattered, disconnected and it impacts all your relationships, and work even! 

Imagine if it was easier, you had a plan to follow, so you knew what you were doing and how to make it a longterm change. 

You'd feel more connected to your kids, more confident in the kitchen, happier about yourself and you'd look like a kitchen goddess!

How does that sound? 


You'll also discover how you can get your hands on a live online cooking workshop with yours truely which will feel like I'm in your kitchen with you! I'll be showing you my favourite gluten-free snacks & lunches so you're never out of inspiration again! 

A Personal Invitation From Wick...

I've been gluten-free for the past 12 years. 

Being a passionate foodie, and  always making my health a priority, I've discovered the exact ingredients it takes to make this a consistent nutritional life-style choice where you won't want to go back. 

This brand new, fresh live training is a culmination of EVERYTHING I've learned over the past 12 years. 

If you're committed to making this your year of health, I can't wait to slash that learning curve and help you get there faster and more economically. 

Two dates available, Monday, 22nd March + Tuesday, 23rd March, 8pm. Choose the date that suits you best. If you can't join live, register anyway and catch the replay. 



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Gluten-Free Eating CAN be Easy & Affordable